Hi! I'm Cheryl Baeza, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

I have earned my natural, platinum blond hair with 35+ years of service in my mental health community.

Regardless of the setting & nature of client concerns, my training & experience has taught me to individualize, be non-judgmental, & empower everyone I encounter to be the best person they can be. 

Phone 719.238.8265

Hi! I'm Christina Blaisdell, a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate with Bristlecone Family Counseling. 

I am committed to providing quality care for families, couples, and individuals. My passion for diversity is an important part of my professional identity. 

Phone 719.331.2317

Hi! I'm Tami Bok, Licensed Professional Counselor & founder of Bristlecone Family Counseling. I have 10 years' professional experience in the mental health field. .

As a Colorado native, I am passionate about providing individualized, high-quality, client-centered counseling services for anyone who resides in our beautiful, colorful Colorado! 

Phone 719.661.9323

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