Spirituality and religion are important parts of the lives of many individuals and families seeking psychotherapy services. At Bristlecone Family Counseling, it is important to us that you feel welcome to share and explore your spirituality as part of an integrated approach to mental wellbeing. Our therapists and counselors each have unique experiences with spirituality and religion. 

Tami Bok, LPC

Tami is welcoming of people of various faiths and religious experiences, offering particular insight into working with the following populations and spirituality-related topics:

  • Christianity 

  • Spiritual abuse 

  • Ministers and pastors

  • Pastor's spouses and families  

  • Ministry and pastoral burn out

  • Families with mental health concerns who don’t feel spiritually supported

  • Legalism

To learn more about Tami's work as a counselor, visit her therapist page here

Christina Blaisdell

Spirituality is deeply important to me, as is a stance of understanding religious and spiritual beliefs as being deeply personal.


In my undergraduate work in Anthropology, I sought out learning about diverse people's interpretations of spiritual experiences, and I chose to obtain my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University because of it's Depth Psychotherapy certificate and additional coursework available in spirituality. I have completed the Spirituality and Counseling course, as well as Depth Psychotherapy courses in Ecotherapy, Grief and Loss, and Personal Mythology & Narrative.


In addition, I was ordained  in 2018 through the Order of International Secular Ministers (OISM), in which I was certified as a Secular Minister and Community Animation Specialist. I continue to volunteer time with OISM to mentor those interested in pursuing ordainment or exploring the convergence of their spiritual selves with the work they do in their homes and communities. 

I bring experience and insight into working with the following populations and topics:


  • Minority religious and spiritual populations 

  • Spiritual abuse

  • Ministry burnout

  • Experiences and identities unsupported by previous or current spiritual communities

  • Exploring spiritual beliefs and values during transitions and crises

For more information on Christina's work as a therapist, visit their therapist page here

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