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The Bristlecone Pine is a highly resilient & long-living pine tree, capable of tolerating difficult environments that other trees cannot withstand. Each Bristlecone Pine develops a few large roots that branch out to help keep it stable over hundreds & thousands of years. They are reported to be the oldest known living trees. Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine can be found right here in Colorado.


The Bristlecone Pine survives dry spells by allowing a part of itself to die. It then sheds its bark, which twists the wood & creates the gnarled look that older Bristlecone Pines are known for. However, life can still be found in the small patches of green pine needles growing in the middle of seemingly dead wood.


Bristlecone Family Counseling is a place where you can learn how to rely on your resilience, strength, & endurance – like the Bristlecone Pine tree – while entering into recovery.

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